Nov 06 2012

Writing Update and a challenge

Happy November. Poking my head out of the writing cave for a sec to post an update on all things writing related. Forsaking the Prize is now out in PRINT at Amazon!!! Yay, crowd goes wild. Don’t they look great side by side. We’re also working to bring my backlist of titles into print in the near future. Forsaking the Prize is also available at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony, Diesel plus we’ve recently added All Romance Ebooks to our sales sites. (see the sidebar for links) It’s pretty cool over at aRE but not every title is available yet. Should be all done by the start of the silly season I hope. I’m finally working on Wild Randalls Book 3 at long last. I’m just getting to know my hero and heroine better. I know some of you are impatient but hang on for news to come later on potential release month in 2013. Other stories in the publishing pipeline for 2013: – a Brighton set novella – a standalone m/m novella, Always – a new story for the newsletter — beginning serialization in the November edition. The Challenge – Name My Story Between now and November 19 I have to christen my next free serialized story for the newsletter and since I’m drawing a blank I’m throwing the door open to suggestions. Some details about the wip to help: (1) A new (unmarried) earl struggling with his responsibilities (2) A courtesan currently between protectors who will never contradict her lovers’ sexual boasts and (3) A dozen meddlesome¬†siblings (nicknamed the devil’s dozen) determined to marry their brother the earl off as soon as possible. Cannot wait to see what you come up with.


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  1. Victoria

    The Devil’s Due
    The Devil’s Matchmakers
    The Earl Most Unlikely–I think I like this one the most.

    Will you ever explore the Lady Beth/Chaperone Bethany story from the last serialization? The “sort of” villain had a tattoo of her name–so there had to be some real feelings there.


    1. Heather Boyd

      Ooh, good suggestions. Thank you. As for a Bethany, there are no firm plans yet but that’s mostly because I’m working on four projects at the same time right now. Let me get them out of the way and me past New Year and we will see.

      1. Victoria

        Thanks for the information. Good luck with the projects!

  2. jeannemiro

    The Earl of Discontent

    The Devil’s Earl

    The Devilish Courtesan

    1. Heather Boyd

      Those are great too and on the list. Thanks.

      1. Jeanne Miro

        Heather –

        To be perfectly honest no matter what the title is I’d buy any new book you wrote!

        1. Heather Boyd

          Aw, thats so sweet. Thank you.

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