Awesome Regency Romance Authors

Samantha Grace
Donna Cummings (also writes humorous contemporary romance)
Wendy Vella
Beverley Eikli

Clever Editors

Kelli Collins – Editing
Bev Katz Rosenbaum – Developmental Editor
Anne Victory – Editing
Sandra Sookoo – Editing

Are you an Author and don’t know where to get good advice?

It can be tough learning everything there is to know about indie publishing. Everyone has an opinion and there is so much information on the web to wade through that it can seem overwhelming. Keep this in mind as you start on your journey into self publishing: it’s a marathon not a sprint race. There’s plenty of time to learn as you go.

The second thing to keep in mind is a quote from Pretty Woman – We Say Who, We Say When, We Say How Much. Every decision you make is yours.

Explore the following links for sites, products and services to get you moving toward publishing freedom.

Independent Publishing Business Information

Indie Romance Ink
Self Publishing Yahoo Loop   – Run by Marie Force, this group is utterly invaluable for keeping up with independent publishing news and industry information

DIY eBook Formatting

Legend Maker Software – create valid epub and mobi (kindle) files with this mac based program.

OR if you need help:

Author EMS – epub formatting, Apple iBooks upload service plus loads of information on the website


Need a boost? Tune in each week to the Self Publishing Authors (SPA Girls) Podcast for tips, tricks and tales from the trenches.


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