The Almack’s Alternative

The Almack’s Alternative

TheAlmacksAlternativeThe Almack’s Alternative is a collection of 5 Naughty Regencies short stories in one volume

For those cast out from the hallowed Almack’s Assembley the only alternative is wicked seduction.

Desperate spinster, Victoria Graves, is willing to do anything to escape her wallflower status. But is attempting the resurrection of a dead man, Alexander West, on the whim of a cloaked stranger, within her abilities?

Craving (MMF Ménage)
Impoverished lord, Simon Tate, needs a solution to his financial woes and he thought tonight’s meeting would provide him with the answer. Turning to his happily married friend, Neil Hunter and his new wife Annabel, as his envelope suggests, goes against the grain until they make an offer too good to refuse.

The ton likes Victor North for his wealth, but not necessarily for their daughters to wed. When the mysterious lady at the Almack’s Alternative meeting suggests he wed Lady Regina, he’s sure it’s a cruel joke because the lady is reputed to be as far from England as it was possible to be.

Irresistible (MMF Ménage)
Adam Clarke needs two things in his life; a wife to make his family happy and provide him with an heir, and Ethan Rudhall in his bed whenever they can meet. When Adam and Ethan meet stumbling wallflower, Lady Millicent, they discover what lies beneath her blushes and clumsiness is everything they need.

The mastermind behind the Almack’s Alternative meetings, Lady Mary, enjoys matchmaking for those who’ve fallen from society’s good graces. An outcast herself, she’s content to live in the shadows bringing until fate brings Andrew Drake, brother to the man who caused her downfall, sneaking through her door.

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Publisher: LLD Press
Published: December 2011
Digital Edition ISBN: 978-0-9870979-9-6


Copyright (c) 2017 Heather Boyd