Love Me True

Love Me True

Love Me TrueA Regency Romance Novella

Claribel Wheaton never doubted she’d snare the dashing Lord Ramsbury. She even had a cunning plan to prevent his marriage. Unfortunately, her plans failed quite badly and she unwittingly spends a night in the wrong man’s bed.

Lord Justin is a man in love with the written word and a woman who wouldn’t give him the time of day. When he misplaces a cherished book of prose, and fate delivers the woman of his dreams, he’s honor bound to make it right. But can Justin convince Claribel that his love is true and that being married to a budding poet is everything her romantic heart desires?

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The Details

Publisher: LLD Press
Published: August 2012
Digital Edition ISBN: 978-0-9872619-2-2
ASIN: B008WJ6050

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