Barely a Master

Barely a Master

Barely a Master Book Two

Barely a Master
Book Two

Book Two, Hunt Club Series

The trappings of wealth and power give Aiden Banks, Duke of Lewes, little joy and certainly no pleasure. Tormented by grave mistakes he made in the past, he’s learned control of his temper at great personal cost, finally shouldering the blame that he has lost the only man he had ever loved through his own actions. His only remaining goal is to educate his young heir to take his place as duke and then he will be free of his responsibilities.

Terrance Bridgewater has freedom at long last with no one to slow down his pursuit of reckless adventure. In London briefly en route to a ship bound for the continent, brings him face to face with his past. Running into the dark and dangerous Duke of Lewes is a complication he’d hoped to avoid. Despite his mistrust, the volatile duke’s plea for a second chance tempts Terrance to lower his guard but on his terms only. Yet what can come of two souls with nothing in common but lies, opposing desires, and with far different futures ahead?

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The Details

Publisher: LLD Press
Published: October 2011
Digital Edition ISBN: 978-0-9870979-7-2
Print Edition ISBN: 978-1-925239-01-0
Print Length: 104 pages

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