Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Just a Dream Book Four

Just a Dream
Book Four

Book Four, Hunt Club Series

On the surface, Raphael has everything he needs: good friends, a title, and membership to the decadent Hunt Club where forbidden pleasure can be had at a moments notice. Pretending is not what he wants. Expectations by family and friends keep his feelings for Lord Claymore at bay. When his best friend returns to London in a black mood, Rafe sets out to cheer him up and make Claymore’s upcoming birthday an event to remember.

Shaken and uneasy of his growing attraction to men, James has reached an uncomfortable crossroads in his well-ordered, respectable life. Plans to end his torment on his birthday are mere days away. However, his intention to explore forbidden passion just once comes unstuck. Can James follow through with his well-reasoned, sensible decision when a man who knows what he wants, needs him too?

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The Details

Publisher: LLD Press
Published: June 2014
Digital Edition ISBN: 978-0-9924863-1-0
Print Edition ISBN: 978-1-925239-03-4
Print Length: 106 pages

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